Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

“Senses of South America” is a virtual space where South America’s diversity in travel is exposed by highlighting innovative local suppliers.  They will display their experiences and destinations to travel designers from around the world. These experiences are unique, sustainable, and out of the ordinary.

Here, in this virtual space, the exchange of industry news and unique products is welcomed.  Travel designers and buyers from the top markets will be present.  For example, North America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.  

As a result, the Senses of South America virtual event brings together global buyers and local suppliers without hefty travel or admission fees.  Additionally, the added bonus is discovering the original services and experiences that truly activate your senses throughout South America.  While participating, you will have virtual one-to-one meetings.  Even better, forge strategic business relationships and together boost these amazing destinations to promote new travel experiences.

By joining Senses, you are given an amazing opportunity to join the world’s finest travel designers and buyers in the search of truly unique experiences. 

Not to mention, South America’s best boutique and luxury suppliers will be in attendance to show off their best highlights.   and suppliers to meet in a flexible, friendly, yet focused manner.

Specifically, the showcased products and service providers are those who promote experiential travel.  These highly detail and destination-oriented programs are of 4 and 5 star categories.

Highlighted Services and Products

During the event, you may discover the following:  boutique hotels, haciendas, lodges, both luxury and expedition yachts, museums, gastronomic experiences, wellness retreats, MICE, adventurous encounters, nature experiences, among others.

Firstly, once you are done registration the event will include access to the marketplace.  More specifically, it is here you will construct your 25-minute meetings with senior executives representing the world’s best agencies around the world and the best South American products available.

In second place, a search engine is included.  This way, you can find specific markets of interest, contacts, and more information about each company and/or buyer.

Furthermore, Senses of South America will host a series of live virtual experiences.  Also, relevant travel influencers and industry leaders will have presentations prepared that you are free to join.

Particularly, the Senses of South America event hosts face-to-face meetings.  This way, one person from each company can meet during the virtual event. However, if there is a need to share your meeting agenda with a colleague, you can share the login information.  For example, this may happen in order to reach a different time zone or rotate on specific days.

Certainly, your schedule is based on your time and availability.  For example, if you are unavailable during certain periods, you can restrict requests during these specific times.  Therefore, you do not miss out on any important meetings! 

During the event, your time zone is automatically adjusted according to the location of your device.  As a result, it will show up as green if correct.

On the contrary, if your time zone is shown in red, you can reset the time zone manually.  It is simple, just click on the reset button and select the time zone you need to adjust your calendar according to the event.

Equally important, please make sure your time zone is always displayed correctly.  This way, all times are displayed according to the location you are physically in during the event.  Also important, if you happen to change locations during the event, you should change your time zone accordingly.

Of course, if you need to see the contact details of others, click on an attendee’s profile.  Immediately, the email address will appear above the organization.

First thing first, you can choose to accept or decline whenever you receive a meeting request. If you accept, you will be asked to select a meeting time based on mutual availability.

If a mutually available time cannot be found, you will be allowed to send your contact details to the requesting party.

Check the daily requests in the My meetings tab of the My event page and make sure to refresh the page if it is already open so that the most recent meeting requests are displayed.

Yes, you can add items from your agenda one by one to your personal calendar (Outlook, Google, etc.) However, if you reschedule or cancel a meeting, or change your timezone, your Itinerary items will be updated, but your calendar items will NOT.

Yes, you may reschedule a meeting if the time slot requested is no longer convenient for you. Likewise, you may also cancel it if you are no longer able to attend the requested meeting.  Although, we do ask you to be respectful of your appointments and give at least 24 hours’ notice in case you need to reschedule or cancel the meeting.

To do so, you should expand the details of the confirmed meeting by clicking on the arrow next to the scheduled meeting time.

At last, the time has come!

To begin, open your My Itinerary page and keep it open throughout the week.  Here, is where you can view your personalized agenda with unique and dedicated links to each of your meetings and live experiences. At the time of any meeting or experience, simply click on the link to begin.

Finally, the meeting will alert you when it will end and will automatically close when your time is up.

For the event, the online meeting portal works best with the latest Chrome, Safari, and Edge browsers. Please note, it does not work with Internet Explorer.

Event-Related Information

The Senses of South America virtual event will be held in October, follow us on our social networks to stay informed.

To register, click on one of the links below. Each has easy to follow steps.



Once you register, you will be able to access your profile. In your profile, you will fill in your contact details.  Additionally, you can tell us more about yourself, your company, and your expectations for this virtual event. Before you finish, make sure your profile is complete.  Most importantly, it will help potential partners learn more about you when requesting meetings.

Yes, you can schedule meetings times in the Availability tab between 20:00 and 8:00.  With a single click, you can add or remove more time slots if you wish.

And, you should consider the location of the buyer or seller you wish to do business with. If, for example, the person you are meeting is in Asia, you could meet very early in the morning. Or if you are based in Europe, being available in the afternoon will increase your chances of mutually available times.

To explain, each meeting slot will allow 25 minutes one-on-one time.  Additionally, you will be given 5-minute intervals between each meeting.

Of course, Senses will also be organizing live experiences.  Likewise, educational speakers of interest throughout the virtual event will be featured.  As a participant of Senses, you can decide to join any of the live presentations.

Once selected, these will automatically appear in your itinerary tab on the My Event page.

Remember, you will never have a meeting that you do not accept.  Meaning, you are in total control of your agenda.  Furthermore, you can dictate how much time each day you dedicate to individual meetings and optional activities in our program.

Yes, you will be able to fully manage your availability for meetings throughout Senses of South America Virtual Event in the Availability tab.

To select presentations, you will enter the program and mark the sessions you want to attend.  Please note, you must click SAVE.  This way, the space is blocked and no meeting requests are received.

First, you will navigate to the Request Meetings tab. Then, use the filters to narrow your search.  This will help you find meeting partners who meet your business objectives. If you prefer, you can send a personalized message through the platform giving a brief explanation of your desire to meet and convey your unique selling points in a simple manner.

Even so, if you are unsure of who you should reach out to, please contact the Senses team and we will help you!

You may request meetings two weeks before the starting day of the event.

In addition, only buyers will be visible to suppliers.  On the other hand, suppliers will be visible to only buyers. Keep in mind, you can always use the filters to narrow your search by company, surname, and country.

Meanwhile, if you feel unsure about who to choose, contact the Senses team and we can help you.

You can view the status of your pending meeting requests and confirmed meetings will be displayed on the My Meetings tab of the My Event page.

To your benefit, you can send as many requests as you wish. However, it is important to note that a meeting is only officially booked when it is accepted and a time has been confirmed by the recipient.

Ideally, five meetings a day are encouraged.  Respectfully, we wish your schedule to be entirely up to you.  Therefore, there is no minimum or maximum number of meetings required.

In doing so, you will maximize your number of meetings and exposure.  Of course, this will also entirely depend on how well your profile is developed.  Similarly, how you approach buyers/suppliers on a one-to-one basis briefly explaining the importance of having a meeting with you will be greatly beneficial.