About Us

Who We Are

Senses of South America consists of a community of friends who share a common knowledge of South America and a passion for travel

We are focused on promoting effective and sustainable business within the industry, while building an international community of personalized, innovative and up to date services in the tourism sector.

About the Senses of South America Event​

The “Senses of South America” virtual event is designed to connect both wholesale and retail agencies with buyers who are interested in promoting South American travel destinations. 

By participating, you’ll meet one on one with local suppliers or those who are interested in your services and products, and together you will be able to promote unique experiences and destinations through the five main senses that make up the way we perceive travel.

Why Did We Create Senses of South America?

Given the situation, the Covid-19 pandemic has generated changes in every aspect of the travel and tourism industry. Consequently, it has created the opportunity for new and innovative ideas to thrive, which will now allow us to reconnect and produce various avenues for a positive future in South American travel from around the globe.

Our main goal is to educate, inform, and generate professional relationships between sales agents and local experts across the world. We plan to do this by creating various objectives with purposes to fulfill the benefits of being a Senses of South America participant, year-round.


Bram Evers
Managing Director

Andres Cueva
Project Manager

Fiorella Freyre
Supplier Manager

Cristina Arteaga
Marketing Manager

As companies around the world become more aware of the impact of CO2 emissions and transform their practices, Senses of South America would like to announce their commitment in operating this event in support of the reduction of the carbon footprint on our planet.

Our industry of travel and tourism is a silent source of CO2 emissions, generating approximately 8% of all global emissions. The countries who least produce are those who will be most affected by these harmful emissions. It is a responsibility we all share, therefore we are motivated to do our part to help reduce the impact on this planet we all call home.

To help even further, a percentage of all registration fees from suppliers will go towards a local project in Ecuador dedicated to reforestation. Additionally, we are welcoming donations from all buyers to contribute freely towards this cause. We are excited about being part of the change and knowing that our community will be as well. Contact us for more information!